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At Spoolon Manufacturing Ltd., the strength and safety of our product is of utmost concern. Spoolon's continued innovation creates a product that is of the highest quality and cost effective for our customers.

For almost half a century, Spoolon has provided the wire and cable industry with high-quality cable reels and spools including plywood reels, metal & plastic reels.

Started in 1967 by the Ito family, the reel company quickly established its reputation by providing it's customers with a superior product and the best service in the reel production business.

Today Spoolon continues to grow and thrive under the leadership of William & Mark Ito who are always researching and developing new product lines, including plastic reels and spools.

Spoolon manufactures a large assortment of flanges, barrels and spools using machinery made to the industry's highest standards and can be shipped broken down or fully assembled, across North America and internationally.

The companies corporate philosophy is also focussed on enviromental concerns and tries to conserve natural resources by using reusable/recycable materials whenever possible in order to make less of an imprint on our enviroment with out compromising the standard of our product.

For more information on how Spoolon Manufacturing Ltd. can supply your company's needs, please send an email to m.ito@spoolon.com or navigate to our contact page for further information.

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